Very good turnout and a cool dry evening for our 2nd race in our Winter Handicap series using the new route which now starts from alongside the car park on Crookham Park by the community centre, Boyce Rd, Church Crookham, Fleet GU52 8AQ. This route avoids crossing busy roads with the exception of Aldershot Road but this has the advantage of pedestrian crossing lights if required. Well done to all those who took part and thank you to Rob and Merv for officiating. Rob did an excellent job with the handicaps – all runners finished within two minutes of each other, eight of which finished within 47s of each other! The next race will be held on Thursday 14th December 2023.

The results are here:


For reference the route directions are here:

Seniors Winter Handicap Route 23-24

Seniors Winter Handicap Race #1 & #2 Results