Why do we want to have these championships?

To encourage club members to enter some events where they know there will be other F&C AC members there to encourage them/run with them

• To run an event when you are part of a team
• To add some purpose to your regular training
• To show the local running world who we are and what we do
• To support other clubs who host events like they support our 1/2M and 10km races
• Most importantly have some fun doing them

Please note that at the time of posting some dates are To Be Announced / Confirmed (TBA / C)


• Events start in January and run through to the end of October 2020
• For 2020 we have reduced the number of events you need to run to qualify from 5 to 4
• There are 14 road races and 15 trail races to choose from – you need to complete at least 4 in Road Champs & or Trail Champs (your best 4 count) – awards to 1-3 at the end of the season.
• Points are based on the finish position of F&CAC runners taking part plus an age grading E.G. if 6 x F&CAC runners take part – 1st home will get 1 point, 2nd home will get 2 points etc.

• Age grading (Men) Senior +5, vet 40 +4, vet 50 +3, vet 60 +2, vet 70 plus +1
• Age grading (Women) Senior +5, vet 35 +4, vet 40 +3, vet 50 +2, vet 60 plus +1
• Example  – A V40 male, 1st home for F&C AC will get 5 pts, a V50 female 2nd home for F&C AC will get 4 pts
• Separate Champs scoring for men and ladies.
• The lowest score from 4 races at the end of the season will win the award
• You must be a first claim club member to be eligible
• Tom will keep records for the Road Champs and Bob for The Trail Champs – remember if you want a particular marathon to be counted, please let Tom/Bob or Penny know.