Trail Championships 2020

To compete for the cup you need to do any 4 out of the 15

Consists of 1 marathon, 3 x ½M, 4 x 10m, 6 x 10km, 1 x 5m (TBA)

Any trail marathon (runner to advise us if they want one to be counted)

Tadworth 10 mile (5th Jan. 2020) – Website/Entry here

East Meon 10 mile (12th Jan. 2020)

Bolt Round the Holt 10k (28th March 2020) – Entry here

The Fox Half (25th April 2020) – Website/Entry here

Woodland Woggle 10k (10th May 2020) – Website/Entry here

Crondall Wild Run 10k (June date TBA) (We will substitute the Samaritans 10k 27th June 2020 if this race doesn’t go ahead)

Hampshire Hoppit Half (21st June 2020) – Website/Entry here

New Forest 10 mile (5th July 2020) – Website/Entry here

Farnham Pilgrim Half (Sept. date TBA) – Website here

Alice Holt 10k (Sept. date TBA) – Website here

New Woodland 5 or 10 mile (We are hoping this event will be held again in Sept. 2020)

Fairleigh Wallop 10k (End Sept. date TBA) – Website here

Wellesley 10k (Oct. date TBA) – Website here