League rules posted 2017-10-16 – From PDF here  

  1. Local to Basingstoke and aimed at encouraging participation in athletics and competition experience for U9 (normal age for school year 3 minimum) to U15 (normal age for school year 10).

  2. If any athlete has achieved a county athletics association vest for 800m or greater by 1st September prior to start of cross county season they shall not be permitted to run as a scoring athlete but may run as a guest.

  3. Development league

  4. Once numbers on the start line in any race exceed 60 then no more clubs or schools will be invited or permitted to join until numbers have reduced below 50 for at least the next four events.

  5. Adequate first aid cover must be provided: Two qualified first aiders at each match with suitably filled first aid pack and access to a phone.

  6. Sufficient officials, starters and marshals to be provided by host and the other league clubs to ensure that the event is run safely.

    Required to have a starter and assistant along with (as a minimum based on numbers of runners) one timekeeper and one number caller with recorders to assist each.

    Given that the events are run purely by volunteers, every club is expected to provide assistance where requested in the form mainly of marshals (possibly parking guides also).

  7. There will be 4 matches over the season, on Sunday afternoon starting at 1.15pm and not coinciding with Hampshire Cross Country League weekends. Where required the matches can be moved to start in the morning with the first race going off at 11am.

  8. Medals shall be awarded to the top 6, in each gender and age group for U9 and U11, that have completed in at least 3 of the 4 meetings. Medals shall be awarded to the top 4, in each gender and age group for U13 and U15, that have completed in at least 3 of the 4 meetings. Where a runner has completed in all four races, their best three results shall be used to give a final individual place.

  9. For each gender age group there shall be a team trophy (eight in total) . The scoring team will be based on the first four (three for U15) athletes to finish from each club. Where a team has completed in all four races, the best three results shall be used to give a final team placement.

  10. If there is a tie for position (both in individual and team) then the number of finishes will be taken into account e.g. if one team/individual has completed all four races and the other only three then the team/individual with four finishes will be placed higher in the final positioning.

    If both teams/individuals have completed in four races and cannot be spilt based on previous race results then the teams/individuals shall be tied equal in the final positioning.

  11. Club vests should be worm by U11, U13 and U15 competitors. U9 can wear a vest, though are allowed to run in top which is club colours instead.

    Where a competitor has forgotten or does not have a vest then they can borrow from within the club/other competitors. If this is not possible it is up to the race referee on the day to decide if they are allowed to compete.

  12. Annual meeting to decide fixtures to be held in June/July. Each club has to send a representative to the meeting.

  13. An executive committee would consist of a chairperson, treasurer, secretary and results secretary. The running of the league will be reviewed after the first year of competition (2017-18) and positions may be assigned in the meeting to be held in June/July 2018. Agreed at this meeting that Liz F will act as focus for league with input and support from others.

  14. Each athlete must use the same number all season. It is the responsibility of the team manager(s) to assign and retain each number at the beginning and end of each race. (Bribing with sweets usually works).

  15. A new set of numbers shall be issued for each season of competition. Each club shall be allocated 200 numbers (1-200; 201-400; 401-600).

    Guests shall run in a number with a clear cross through it. They shall not count for individual or team placement but will get a time for each race they finish.

  16. Team sheets are to be emailed over to dbjcrosscountry@outlook.com prior to the day of competition, additions on the day are allowed.

    For the first three matches the results shall be processed after the races are finished and emailed out by early evening or on the morning of the next day. They may also be added to the information page on the BMHAC website.

    The results on the fourth match will be processed and combined with previous results to give final positions on the day for both individuals and teams. They will also be published to the webpage as soon as possible.

  17. Where school teams are in the league and they have athletes that are also a member of an athletic club, that is also in the league, the athlete shall compete for their school.

  18. If athletes change clubs mid season they shall continue to score as an individual. Where they have competed and are part of a team their result for the club they have left shall stand and they will be eligible to score as part of a team for their new club.

  19. Timetable of events and distances (to be reviewed after match 1).

    Under 9 Girls

    1.15 pm

    1400 m approx

    Under 9 Boys

    1.25 pm

    1400 m approx

    Under 11 Girls

    1.35 pm

    2200 m approx

    Under 11 Boys

    1.50 pm

    2200 m approx

    Under 13 Girls

    2.05 pm

    3000 m approx

    Under 13 Boys

    2.20 pm

    3000 m approx

    Under 15 Girls

    2.35 pm

    4000 m approx

    Under 15 Boys

    2.50 pm

    4000 m approx

  20. U17 may run in U15 races as guests, numbers to be clearly marked with an X