Track and Field events are at the heart of Fleet and Crookham Athletics.

We are currently partaking in the following leagues, click on the individual pages for further information.


What Happens at an Athletics Track & Field Event?

Athletics is split into two major disciplines, Track (Running Events) and Field (Jumps and throwing Events).  The specific events open to different age groups is set out by UK Athletics.  So for example u11’s get to take part in long jump, while under 13’s also get High Jump, Under 15’s in addition get triple jump and Pole Vault.  Similarly for running, the younger athletes have a smaller choice of events.  Indeed some meetings limit u11’s from taking part in two long distance events, for example they could not enter a 1500m and a 800m race, and could be disqualified from both if they did enter.
Most athletic events start at around 10:30am with the Pole Volt,  Hammer and Vortex throw.  For example in the wessex league timetable Quad Kids (u11) Group 1 start the vortex at 10:45.   Note, the event start time is when it starts, athletes should be assembled at the designated area approximately 15 minutes before to register and if time permits to have a practice (for most field events if the official permits it).  Events then go on through out the day starting at their allotted time.   The day ends around 5pm.
A little information about the athletics field.  Spectators and non competing athletes in-the-particular-event should not be on the track or field.  No one, except for officials, should be within the landing zone for throwing events.  The centre field should be roped-off from the sides, do not cross this safety line at any time.
Track events get one go, you run your best and get a time and position.
Field events have a number of trials, normally 3, though some events may have up to 6 for the top performers.  For High jump you get three trials at each height until you fail to clear the height in 3trials.
Track and Field events take place at the same time.  When choosing events do consider the timetable.  So it’s possible that an athlete needs to be in two places at once.  In an ideal world an Athlete would not be placed into such a situation, but for a small club like ours this unfortunately happens (not quad kids).  When this happens go to the field event and register and tell the official that you will have to go to the track event.  Understand that the placings for trials is pre-determined (your go is in a set list).  The rules state that the athlete should be there at the beginning of each trial stage to compete in that trial.   If you find yourself in this position simply take as many trials as you can, then go and compete in the track event, and then return to the field event as you may be able to fit another trial in.  But understand that it is not always possible.  
Each event is officiated by a host of voluntary officials from each club present, numbers of Volunteers are often made up of parents.   Certain roles have to be carried out by qualified officials for safety reasons, for example in throwing events only Field Officials with a level 2b are allowed to patrol the landing zone. 
To compete, each athlete must wear a club vest, their assigned number on back and front and suitable clothing (no longer allowed to be naked)!  Athletes will get their number and pins when registering on the day.  Wear spikes if you have them, but they are not a requirement.