F&C AC are pleased to be taking part in Sportshall Athletics in 2022-2023.

What is Sportshall?

SPORTSHALL ATHLETICS is an indoor form of track and field for children between the ages of 4 and 16. It was created by George Bunner MBE to provide a safe and warm environment for young athletes to train during the cold and dark winter months. Sportshall quickly developed into a new form of team competition and the first ever Sportshall competition took place in 1976 with the annual UK CLUBS CHAMPIONSHIPS being established in 1984. Sportshall Athletics is the largest School Sport programme in the School Games – engaging 2 million children annually.

Alas, other than the Scout Hut on a Tuesday, F&C shall be training outside for the foreseeable future.  If someone would like to organise a hall please get in touch.

Sportshall Competition Dates 2021-2022

  1. Match 1: Sunday 16th October at 9am to 3pm, at Places Leisure Eastleigh.
  2. Match 2: Sunday 20th November at 9am to 3pm, at Places Leisure Eastleigh.
  3. Match 3: Saturday 21st January at 9am to 3pm, at Places Leisure Eastleigh.
  4. Match 4: Sunday 5th March at 9am to 3pm, at Places Leisure Eastleigh.
  5. South East Sportshall Regional final (by Invite only) Sunday 26th Feb 2023.


Juniors have to wear a Fleet and Crookham AC club vest.

Age Groups and Events Contested

  • Under 11 – Athletes from age 8 (school years 4 5 & 6) – team events.
    • Run 1 Lap (equivalent to 2 lengths)
    • Run 3 Lap’s (equivalent to 6 lengths)
    • Speed Bounce,20 seconds
    • Standing Long Jump
    • Chest Push,1kg medicine ball
    • Hi-stepper, four times (8 meters, one foot over line)
  • Under 13 – (school years 7 & 8) – team events
    • Run 2 Lap’s (equivalent to 4 lengths)
    • Run 4 Lap’s (equivalent to 8 lengths)
    • Shot put (Girls 2.72kg, boys 3.25kg)
    • Standing Long Jump
    • Standing Triple Jump
    • Speed Bounce, 30 seconds
  • Under 15 – (school years 9 & 10) – individual events.
    • Run 2 Lap’s (equivalent to 4 lengths)
    • Run 4 Lap’s (equivalent to 8 lengths)
    • Shot put  (Girls 3.25kg, Boys 4.00kg)
    • Standing Long Jump,
    • Standing Triple Jump
    • Speed Bounce, 30 seconds

Non scoring Obstacle relay for all age groups at the end.

Details of events can be found in Sportshall Handbook Edition 6

Registration for Fleet & Crookham Athletes

To Register a F&C AC athlete please use the F&C AC Sportshall Registration Page.

Parents & Guardians – we will need your help on the day

Each club is assigned an activity to judge and facilitate,  your help with this is needed and very much appreciated.

On Event Day

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the first event to allow us time to check the juniors in and sort out numbers.

When you arrive look out for our club colours of red, white and black.  Each junior will be provided a number that needs to be pinned on their club vest using 4 safety pins, also provided.. The juniors all do the events in rotation and stay in their team groupings throughout the day.

It can be cold in the hall, so layers of clothing are best.  Don’t forget plenty to drink and to eat as it is a long session.

Just so you are prepared, sportshall can be very noisy and busy.  There will be a lot of juniors from all the different clubs in large groups warming up and getting ready for the competition. If you have not done anything like this before it can feel a little intimidating.