As announced at the AGM, the club is financing OneLife ID tags for all members FREE OF CHARGE.

These tags are great for attaching to a key ring, carrying in a purse or pocket or threading through the laces on your trainers. This means you always have some ID on you with emergency contacts/info if needed should you have an accident when you are out running, cycling, walking or similar.

You will be able to have up to 4 lines of emergency info printed on your tag.

The suggested information is:

Name and possibly DOB (24 characters)

ICE (Emergency) Call XXXXXX (Partner) (31 characters)

Mobile +44 (31 characters)

Any medical issue or allergies or Mo Meds, ,No Med HX NKA (This is no medication, No Medical History and No Known Allergies (31 characters)

These tags would normally cost you £5.99 but the club is financing them as we believe they are really important.

You will be issued with a code – the code is only valid for one person. When you are issued the code you will also be given the website details with what you have to do.
Once you have ordered the tags you should receive them within 7 days.

Please fill in and submit the request form below if you would like to take up this offer.